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Image by Muhammad Faiz Zulkeflee

We Love Cosplay

Cosplay is most definitely welcomed at our events. We appreciate seeing all skill levels
of homemade to bought cosplays.
The only rules we have is:
NO realistic firearm props
NO realistic sharp props
NO drug related props
NO overly exposing cosplay.
IF it's super lewd or super rude, stay away dude.

Ganbatte Glizzy?
What in the..?

The legend of the Ganbatte Glizzy is birthed from our struggle in the early days of trying to fend off hunger, so came Quiktrip. They be selling Glizzy's. Not being a fan of ketchup and mustard, we decided "Hey! Mayo is pretty good and gas station nacho cheese isn't bad - let's try it out!" so we put hellman's mayo and nacho cheese on the glizzy and from then we never looked back at having a ganbatte glizzy any other way. 

Such acquired taste from struggle.

🚨 Disclaimers: No refunds. All advertised and promotional materials are subject to change. Guests and performances are subject to change.
"Earlybird" is referenced for
early-purchased tickets at a discounted rate.

"Early entry" is not the same as "Earlybird."

-Outside water and umbrella is allowed and encouraged
-All attendees are subject to bag check, clear bag policy will not be in enforced
-Service animal allowed only
-Full outdoor event, please prepare as necessary

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