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All vehicles are welcome to sign up! 

Although we try to keep our show cars display more in line with Japanese makes,

we're open to all tastefully built or themed vehicles! 

Show car fee is $$ per vehicle

  • 1x Show car spacing

  • 2x General Admission badges(includes all freebies as normal attendees)

  • Your choice to have your vehicle participate in Awards or simply just to display/promote yourself and enjoy the event! 



Show only vehicles will be excluded to the actual judging, just to show off your vehicle and promote your own social media/enjoy the event!

Minimum requirements: 

  • non factory wheels 

  • presentable exterior (paint/wrap)

  • definitely no 4x4 height on a non 4x4 vehicle

Genin - Entry level show car Japanese make or asian origin (considerations will be made for themed vehicles)


Minimum requirements:

non factory wheels 4x4 ride height presentable paint/wrap Judging will include:



  • aftermarket lighting(headlights, tail lights)

  • ground effects( front lip, splitters, rear diffuser)

  • non stock ride height(lowering springs/struts)


  • basic interior mods(pedals, shift knob, floor mats)

  • upgraded sound system


  • basic bolt on performance mods You may vote to remove one judging criteria on the judging sheet. ie. you got performance & exterior mods, but interior lacking you may vote to remove having interior reviewed.



Jonin - Intermediate level show car

Judging will be based on a higher standard such as the following:


  • genuine high quality wheels(Rays, Work, Rotiform, Heritage)

  • show quality paint, wrap or full print graphics

  • aero(fiberglass/carbon sideskirts, bumpers)

  • big brake kit


  • custom interior upholstery (aftermarket seats etc.)

  • stripped interior with safety equipment(roll cage, harnesses, racing seats)

  • custom sound system install (amplifier, custom sub box, lcd screens)

  • custom lighting (retrofit headlights, sequential tail lights, underglow)

  • adjustable suspension (coilovers, adjustable control arms, air ride suspension)


  • custom fabwork

  • in depth performance mods(upgraded turbo, tune, built motor)

  • performance summer tires/racing slicks


Any further contact please reach out via email to and staff will respond/assist accordingly regarding event info /concerns.

Car show point of contact will be Garage23
Instagram: @garagetwentythree

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