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Alway's doing our best~ for goodluck!

"Ganbatte popup" has lots of inspirations as it a dream, life goal, and love letter passion project.

One of the earliest inspiration is to stave off the wants of going to Akihabara + visit Japan for the ultimate Weeb/Otaku experience. So in a way we are trying to bring some of that feeling/vibe here by developing relationships and networking to provide a more frequent event for those of the anime/Japanese fandom and share it with others via platform merch vendors/artists  and market/experience to attendees!

We are constantly striving and are in competition with ourselves to make events that younger and future us would be proud of and we are happy to have everyone that support us join us in this journey.

The word-play on Ganbatte is that it has been our personal slang saying through our Asian-American family upbringing "good luck" and wishing each other do you their best. This is what we do, always do our best for good luck! 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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